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Dr Ann Olivarius  KC (Hon) OBE is an international feminist attorney delivering justice for those who need it.

Ann’s career spans more than four decades of landmark cases, from human rights abuses to racial and gender discrimination, sexual assault and rape.  Her goal is to bring dignity to those who have been harmed, to find fairness and wholeness for survivors.

Ann’s work, on both sides of the Atlantic, proves that powerful abusers and wrongdoers can be held accountable to the individuals they have harmed.

A Case That Changed History

As one of the originators of the term “date rape,” Ann has been fighting on the feminist front lines since she helped steer the pivotal Alexander v. Yale case to a historic ruling when she was 21 and still a university student.

Her work on this case led to the courts finding that the sexual harassment of female students was illegal, so that universities and schools had an obligation to combat this abuse. The case marks its 45th anniversary in 2022 and it has changed the legal landscape throughout the world, making education safer and more welcoming for women and all students.



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Ann’s Community

Today, Ann is creating a community for survivors who have experienced sexual violence as an adult – encouraging them to name their perpetrators and to heal. Ann has recently named her own rapist, Dr. Calvin Hirsch, and posted her story online as an example for others to do the same. If we all name our rapists and abusers, however difficult that sometimes is, they can be brought to account, and they and other potential rapists will be deterred from committing further rapes.

Ann is building a community of survivors from academia and business, public service and nonprofits, the law and all other walks of life, who want to use their expertise and voices to advocate for survivors and for meaningful change in the law which now rarely takes rape seriously.

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